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How To Care For Your Scrunchies?

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Your scrunchies go into your purse, and your hands get smothered with hair products and sweat on a daily basis. Just like any of your clothes, your scrunchies also need occasional washing.

Having more stuff to launder can be quite disheartening, but scrunchies get in close contact with your hair and skin quite a lot and can foster germs and bacteria easily. So washing them should become a must on your to-do list.

Dust, dirt, sweat and particles are absorbed by scrunchies regularly.

For good maintenance of your scrunchies, these are the methods you can follow!

Hand Washing

- Choose handwashing for more delicate scrunchies especially (though it can be used for all scrunchies too).

- Separate dark and light-coloured scrunchies and wash them both separately.

- Take some lukewarm water in a big bowl and put your scrunchies in them.

- Add in a few drops of shampoo or your laundry detergent into this bowl and mix well.

- Leave the scrunchies in this soapy water for at least an hour.

- Scrub them and rinse them thoroughly after.

- Carefully wring them dry.

- Leave them out to dry or keep them on a dry towel.

Machine Washing

Try and avoid machine washing if the material is silk, wool, linen or rayon. For cotton, polyester, nylon, you can use machine washing, if needed.

- Put the scrunchies inside a laundry bag/ net bag before putting it into the washing machine. Do NOT throw them in freely with your clothes.

- Choose the delicate or handwash option in your machine and choose cold water as well.

- Don't wash your scrunchies with clothes that tends to bleed colour.

- Choose lowest spin cycle in your machine.

- Hang them out to air dry.

How Often To Wash?

Scrunchies need to be washed regularly since there will always be a build up of dirt and oils in them. So how often should you wash them?

Well, the answer is MORE OFTEN than now.

Do you work out or do any physical activity often? Do you use your scrunchie every day? Are you outdoors a lot? Do you use hair styling products quite a lot?

If you're answer is YES, to any of these questions, then you have to wash your scrunchies more frequently.

Yes, scrunchies are more high maintenance when compared to other hair ties. But they also last you much longer and The Green Circle scrunchies being upcycled, they are also much better for the environment too.

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