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All About Us

 Scrunchies are an everyday item that are frequently used and replaced. The Green Circle was born to fulfil the mission of making responsibly upcycled scrunchies a part of everyday life. 

We acquire material that households, boutiques, and tailoring shops mark for disposal, and tailor them into low-impact scrunchies. This keeps the material from ending up in landfills, and gives them a new lease of life as limited edition scrunchies that keep our customers happy. 



I'm Nayana, the person behind each of your handmade scrunchies! Creating something with my own hands was always a wish of mine, and making that sustainable was even more important to me. That's how I decided to make upcycled scrunchies for you. Each scrunchie from The Green Circle is currently handmade by me in the hope of changing an otherwise mindless purchase into a mindful one. 

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This Is Us

​Scrunchies, also known as hairbands, are used by millions of people on a daily basis. This scale of use makes them a more critical purchase decision than most people realise. Every scrunchie produced by The Green Circle is upcycled from discarded fabrics that meet our hygiene and quality standards. We do NOT use any virgin fabric materials nor purchase fabric in bulk to create these scrunchies. As these scrunchies are made from leftovers or discarded fabrics, there is only a limited supply of each design. The designs may never get repeated unless we receive more leftover fabric with similar patterns. 

The fabric that goes into our scrunchies comes from excess material left over at boutiques or fabric or clothes donated by people who had no further use for them. Some fabrics allow us to create a set of scrunchies while others only allow for one piece or so.


10% of all the profits we make will go to CUPA (Compassion Unlimited Plus Action, Bangalore.


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