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  • How Are The Green Circle Scrunchies Made?
    They are all 100% handmade by Nayana Premnath who puts in a lot of love and effort into creating each of them.
  • How Is The Fabric Selected?
    We don't often have the luxury to select the fabric that is used for the scrunchies. We pick up discarded fabrics from households or boutiques and then try to make the scrunchies out of it. We DO NOT BUY new fabric from the market. Therefore all the scrunchies you see are from the good quality fabrics we are able to get our hands on, from discarded piles.
  • What Are The Sizes Available?
    The sizes available are Medium (~4.5"), Large(~5.5") and XXL(~7"). Measurements shown are of the diameters.
  • What All Fabrics Are Used?
    As we are trying to upcycle all fabrics from ending up at the landfill, we use all materials. Even though synthetic and non-vegan(silk) materials are not sustainable, we still use it as it would be more harmful to let them end up at the landfill, unused. The fabric used for each scrunchie has been specifically mentioned alongside.
  • Why The Green Circle Scrunchies?
    These scrunchies are made from discarded fabrics from households or boutiques in the form of garments or waste material. The selection has been done rigorously to make sure that the quality of the cloth is not compromised. Each of the scrunchie has been lovingly made to make sure the user is happy with the aesthetic as well as the effectiveness of it. By choosing our scrunchies, you're encouraging a small business to upcycle and make something beautiful from waste. And also ensure that the fabric does not end up at a landfill.
  • How Are The Scrunchies Upcycled?
    The fabric for the scrunchies come from discarded garments or waste material that is usually thrown away without a single thought. This fabric is collected, washed and cleaned to ensure their quality. Finally it is sewn up into the beautiful scrunchies that you see here. Hence, fabric that might have ended up at a landfill is upcycled into a usable product that gets to live on for a longer period. And in case you take good care of your scrunchie, this fabric can live on for years.
  • Why Are Each Scrunchie Of A Limited Number?
    As we DO NOT buy our fabric from the market, we only have a limited quantity of the discarded fabric that we take. Thereby each fabric can only have a limited number of scrunchies made from them and once it is finished, there will not be any more of it. If you like any of the scrunchie design, it is advisable to purchase it immediately as once the stock ends, there will not be restocking.
  • The Scrunchie I Wanted Is Sold Out. Will It Be Restocked?
    Unfortunately no! :( As much as we'd love for you to be able to get that particular scrunchie, the scrunchie being made from discarded material means we only have a limited quantity of the material. And once it's over, it's Over. So anytime you spot a scrunchie you like, make sure to grab it so that you don't see it go out of stock.
  • Do You Make Customized Scrunchies?
    As of now, no. But that doesn't mean that may not change in the future. ;-)
  • How Much Is Shipping?
    All orders over ₹899 will be shipped free of charge. All orders under that will be charges a flat shipping rate of ₹75.
  • How Are My Scrunchies Packed?
    As we believe in low waste, we try to reuse packages that we ourselves receive. So don't be surprised if you see a cardboard box of another brand coming to you with our scrunchies. We also use other cardboard boxes too if ones for repurposing are not available. We use paper tapes for binding too, to make the packaging zero waste. We also use recycled paper when needed. We don't insert decorative pieces in the packaging to avoid single use products. So all of our packaging is done keeping in mind the thought of minimal wastage.
  • How Fast Will I Get My Scrunchies?
    Not all the scrunchies shown are premade. Some of the scrunchies are made to order and therefore may take 3-4 days to make. Typically, your order should be shipped within a week and should reach you within 10 days, depending on the city you are from. In case the scrunchie you purchased is pre-made, then you should be able to receive it within a week from purchase.
  • Are Orders Shipped Internationally?
    No, they are not. As we understand how exports can increase our carbon footprint immensely, we have chosen to deliver only within India.
  • Can I Return The Scrunchies?
    We may not be able to accept returns for the scrunchies unless there is any damage during delivery, is lost in transit or the wrong product is received. In such cases, a return can be raised by writing to us at There is strictly no refund though. In case of wrong product sent, we will bear the charges of returning the product and your product will be sent to you soon.
  • What Kind Of Donation Do You Make?
    We donate 10% of our profits to CUPA(Compassion Unlimited Plus Action) in Bangalore every quarter of the year.
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