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Fun Facts About Scrunchies!

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Ever wondered where the scrunchies came from? How it became popular? And how long it's been around?

Well, let's find out some fun facts about your beloved scrunchie here!

- It was patented by Rommy Revson in 1986

When she was tired of her usual metal hair ties(which were popular in the 1980's), she tried using elastic with fabric around it to tie her hair up. She named it Scunci, after her pet. The name scrunchie came about much later because of its scrunching nature.

- They went out of popularity in the early 2000s

In an episode of the Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw mocked the scrunchie, which therefore saw a quick decline. It was even considered a fashion faux pas, and being seen wearing it was even seen as embarrassing. But it regained its popularity in the late 2010s when a lot of celebrities started using it again.

- They are also known as the "Bunch Bangle"

When not in your hair, where does your scrunchie end up? Your hand! Yes, it became a quick accessory that was commonly seen in one's hands when not being worn. And since the scrunchie is made of bunched up fabric, it became known as the Bunch Bangle.

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