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Why Scrunchies Are The Best?!

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Wondering why we declare scrunchies to be the ultimate best for your hair? If a reason is what you need, let me give you four of them!

Scrunchies are back with a bang, and I'm hoping that they're here to stay too. They were quite popular a while back, but they lost their popularity along the way. They're not just stylish but also good for your hair. So let's find out the multiple reasons why you should step up your scrunchie game!

1. Scrunchies Are Good For Your Hair

Remember the amount of hair that you constantly find tangled up with your hair ties? You won't have that problem while using a scrunchie. The fabric that goes around the elastic band protects your hair from getting tangled up easily. Scrunchies won't pull and tag at your hair and should come off with a gentle pull. So reduce your hair breakage by using scrunchies.

2. They Won't Leave Kinks In Your Hair

Do you notice the hair falling out after you take your hair tie off? It often leaves your hair with a very weird shape or wave in it that won't go away no matter how much you comb them? Well, scrunchies don't produce those kinks in your hair no matter how you wear them.

3. They Can Be A Wrist Accessory Too

If you don't need to wear the scrunchies the whole day, you can just wear them on your wrist to make it a colourful and useful accessory. You don't need to put it in your bag and play hide and seek to find it when you need it. Wear it on your wrist, and you'll have it handy any time you need it. Not to mention how they'll also make a style statement in and of themselves.

4. They Are More Fashionable

Scrunchies can now change up your whole look easily. As they come in various patterns, sizes, and looks, it can be as easy as switching them out to match the outfit you're wearing. Just like your jewelry, shoes, or handbags, scrunchies are one that can make or break a look!

5. You Won't Lose Them Easily

Have you ever kept a count of the number of hair ties you've lost over the years? Dozens? Maybe more? We've all been there. It's a whole different game in the scrunchie business, though. You won't lose it so easily. They're definitely 10 times easier to find, even if you do lose them around the house. Because of their colour and size, scrunchies stand out better and are therefore much easier to find.

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